Good grief!

Ah, a freebie blog. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a free sub-domain name on I lost count of the various memes, permutations thereof, and other ideas I dug up in an effort to get a name. Just typing a plethora of site names into the address bar of the browser reveals a vast number of people who came up with a good idea for a blog name, made one or two posts, and then abandoned it. What is this? A case of, “I’ve got something to say! Er, no… I forgot, I can’t be bothered with this, nobody reads it anyway, I’ll just go back to trolling YouTube, shouting ‘me! me! me!’ on MySpace, or being completely passive on the Internet“.

Wake up motherfuckers! Your life is slipping through your fingers like the sands of time. Your only claim to fame is being the fifth Spice Girl – “Waste of Spice”. Open your eyes and see how truly screwed-up the World is. Quit sitting in the cheap seats tisk tisk-ing at the disaster that is your government. Drag your flabby arse away from the glass teat spewing forth the propoganda of Rupert Murdoch, and do something to make you really believe you are alive.


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