Praise the Lard!

This is a great little video and highly entertaining – unless you are a fundamentalist Christian. Who would have thought that so many people still get their panties in a twist about a book first published in 1859.

I love this, some Muppets write an introduction to a classic work that has stood the test of time and become generally accepted as the best explanation we have for the world you see around you. They really, really deserved this critique. I applaud this young eastern European woman for telling it the way it is, and simply showing what the real agenda is.
Personally, I stopped believing in any god when I realised Karl Marx was right; Religion is the opiate of the masses. It probably helped that that I discovered that the ambition I had as a child of about five or six to be a hearse driver would not quite work out the way I expected. No, I would not be chauffeuring people up to the pearly gates.

For the Americans in the audience, please keep god and other religious mumbo-jumbo out of your schools. As Frank Zappa said in one of his songs, “Some folks don’t want prayer in school; we’d need an Ark to survive the drool“.


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